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With pressure on wages in recent years, 87% of UK companies now report that they offer a type of health promotion benefit to attract and retain employees.* There is a clear move towards employers taking action with nearly 40 percent implementing new benefits.** Whether you have one or hundreds of employees, healthcare benefits can help you stand out amongst the competition.

Musculoskeletal conditions and stress are the 2 major causes of workplace absence.*** Having the means to treat these conditions is important, however it’s also important to think beyond medical insurance. Looking at intervention before a condition becomes serious can reduce long-term absence. That’s why we help advise on an overall programme if required.

Other benefits can include:

  • Dental insurance
  • Wellness days
  • Health screenings
  • Travel insurance
  • Health cash plans
  • Employee Assistance Programme

At Pinnacle, we see ourselves not as a partner for your business but as part of your business.

Personal cover

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A recent Ipsos Mori poll shows that the health service, hospitals and healthcare are among the top 2 current concerns among the UK population****. Understandably, nothing is more important than protecting ourselves and our loved ones for the future. A private medical insurance policy can put control back in your hands with a bespoke policy to meet your needs.

You might be concerned about waiting times, access to a wide range of drugs and treatment not available on the NHS, or the increased risk of ill-health at an older age. Your dedicated Pinnacle consultant will review the UK healthcare market and construct a package personal to you. Depending on your chosen level of cover, benefits of private healthcare include:

  • Quick access for treatment
  • Choice of consultant
  • Broad range of treatment options
  • Private room for in-patient care
  • Complementary therapies


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